“The first thing you should know about me is… I’m a hugga.” Actually, that is very untrue, but I do watch quite a few children’s movies, and I am especially fond of Pixar. I do not gravitate to these films naturally, but rather because my three beautiful daughters are so busy, the only time I can find a moment to do anything other than clean up the last mess (and prep the next one) is when some cartoon character is singing on my tv. I do my best to be the kind of mom that plays games, reads books, plays doll house, and teaches my children the fun of crafts, cooking, and going to the bathroom by one’s self. More often than not my lack of patience results in a crying three-year-old picking up crayons off the floor, some kind of sauce or dough flung across the room, and two toothy one-year-olds sobbing at my knees and trying to climb on my lap while I attempt to empty my bladder in record time.I do have the help of my wonderful hubby, who usually gets home just in time to get the kids riled up before bedtime, but at least he distract the little ones so I can switch over the laundry.

On top of my  job as a wife and mommy, I also work at a historic site where I relish the hours of giving tours, planning events, researching programs, and having grown up conversations. I sing too loud, dance too often, and run too slow.  I love God, my family, and zebra cakes.  After traveling internationally, finishing grad school, ending a crappy career and starting one I love, marrying the man of my dreams, buying a home, and birthing my amazing children, I have accomplished all my life goals before I turned 30. To avoid a mid-life crisis, I am setting some new goals, many of which depend entirely on winning an extraordinarily high lottery jackpot.

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