The One That Got Away

So something I don’t think I’ve ever shared on this blog is how I’ve always loved to sing.  It started in the third grade.  I can remember Ms. Copeland, the music teacher, asking someone to sing, and when they did I thought, “Oh I can do that” and then I raised my hand to sing next.  Ms. Copeland must have liked me because she put me in a lot of the school programs and I sang a few solos.

The only other place I ever sang was in the car or at church.  I was always to scared to really share my singing with anyone, and truthfully I hate hearing my own voice.  But after I joined the Start Experiment, now known as Dreamers & Builders, I saw people punching their fears in the face and I knew that singing in a video to friends or strangers was definitely a fear I had.  Karaoke to a bunch of drunk people, I can do and have done several times, but there is something a little more intimate about sharing a video or a song clip with a bunch of people you know.

So in the spirit of punching fear in the face, which I do regularly now, I posted a short video of myself on Facebook singing “When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars.

Then today while deleting 20,000 files off of my computer, and waiting and waiting for them to slowly delete, I decided to sing another song.  This week thanks to Tim Fisher, I found the new Civil Wars song ‘The One That Got Away‘, and I’ve been obsessed ever since.  So here is as Ryan Westbrooks so wonderfully put it;  Me Punching Fear In The Face: Round 2.

The One That Got Away by The Civil Wars, sang by Jennifer


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