Mini-Quiches and the Modern Woman

The Art in Life


Dear Fellow Over Burdened Modern Women of the World:

Why do we make life so many times harder for ourselves than it needs to be?

Ok, back up. Let me share a mini-breakdown I had a couple weeks ago.

I am practically incapable, as I imagine many of you are, at saying no. I want to do everything, and because I am a modern American woman, I CAN do everything and I MUST do everything. Have you ever paused to imagine the perfect modern woman, as she is subtly implied by the sum total of all the different conceptions of ideal modern femininity? Here, I’ll describe her:

She must be lovely, but effortless. She must look good without trying, she must be stylish yet frugal, she must be poised, but not stiff.

She must excel in all domains. She must be accomplished in the workplace, taking on top jobs and…

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