Slow Immersion

When we created this blog I initially had ideas of posting more mommy related things than anything else.  That the whole idea of Kairos was that we were stopping every day to relish in those fleeting moments that pass by with the ones we love.  By writing for this blog I’ve had lots of great therapy sessions with my keyboard, and I’ve come to realize just how passionate I am about certain subjects.  I usually don’t get on here to tell you about Jesus, but it just flows out of me.  Anymore, almost everything that happens in life can turn into some kind of spiritual lesson for me, even just laying on my bed and looking at a ceiling fan with blown lightbulbs.

lightbulb4_0140One of the lightbulbs had previously blown and a day before the second one went out.  This left two functioning lightbulbs on the fan.  As I laid there I thought about how dim the room looked now and how I should change the bulbs.  It’s funny how when one lightbulb goes out how there is suddenly a dark spot in the room and you can see just a little bit less than you could before, and at first this is a big deal but after a week or two goes by your eyes and mind adjusts to the new darkness in the room.  Then the second bulb blows and the room is suddenly darker again.  The room is now fifty percent darker.  I never changed the light bulbs and I’ve had this thought for about two weeks.  Now when I walk in the room I don’t even notice that there are only two functioning light bulbs and probably wouldn’t even be thinking about it except for the fact that I had this post in mind.  So of course the darkness and the way our bodies adjust made me think of how we are the same way when it comes to sin.

“It’s the little foxes that spoil the vine.”  And it usually is the small sins that lead to the bigger sins.  Make that first bad decision that seems like no big deal and it sears your conscience to it being wrong and then like the one burnt out light bulb you don’t even notice it anymore.  We start to think we got away with that so next time we go bigger, and become more bold in our sin and the darkness in our heart grows.  If the third or fourth light bulb blew I’d then probably change the bulb.  The complete darkness in the room would compel me to go searching for some light, either in the form of new lightbulbs or a flashlight, but if I didn’t my eyes would still adjust to the darkness.

“Be on your guard, so that your minds are not dulled.” (Luke 21:34)

A book I was reading recently also put it this way:

“Rat poison.  I’ve never really paid much attention to it….until today, when I found out from a friend that most varieties are made up of 97 percent food and only three percent poison.  These products lure those nasty rodents by the smell and taste of something they actually like, a delectable treat that feels good going down.  But along with a tasty meal, they also ingest trace amounts of fatal toxins that are enough to end their reign of trash-induced terror.  Rats die because of a small thread of poison laced within an enticing serving of food.  Three percent.  Couldn’t this also describe the way our virtue is stolen?  Our integrity compromised?  Our hearts hardened?  Our spirits desensitized to the things of the Lord?  Lured in by something seemingly harmless—an enjoyable form of entertainment, the camaraderie of an initially innocent relationship—but then….Poison.  Strategically hidden, craftily disguised.  Underneath the surface, just below the radar.  We lick our lips and go about our business, thinking that everything’s going fine.  It may take days, maybe weeks, before we begin to notice.  But eventually our spiritual organs start to fail.  Our passion quells.  Our sensitivity and discernment wane.  We lose our gag reflex.  We’re dying a slow death.  Three percent at a time.”–‘The Resolution for Women’ by Priscilla Shirer (p. 153-154)


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