I Workout!

I’m not sure how many women are into weightlifting, but let me tell you it is addictive!  Today I worked out with my husband and that’s always extremely fun!  He can push me to try harder things and go a bit heavier on the weights when I normally wouldn’t and I’d be more cautious on my own.  Today our first exercise was squats.  The last time I worked my legs and did squats the most I squatted was 90 pounds.  Today I started at 95 pounds for 5 reps.  Then he encouraged me to add more weight so I ended up squatting the most ever, 105 pounds, which I did 3 more sets of 5 reps!

So incase any of you were wondering what I’ve been doing, I am going to post my workouts.  The leg workout titled ‘Booty Lift’ is a workout I made up for a bigger challenge.  I went to bodybuilding.com and found a lot of great information.  The first workout is what my husband wrote out and I modified it since I can’t use weights on the weekends.  I’ve been doing 25 jumping jacks between each set since I’m not running.  As soon as the weather permits I want to get outside and do some HIIT cardio.





**I and this members of this blog are not responsible for your health or any injuries you may incur while attempting any exercise mentioned in this post or in it’s photographs.  As always contact a trained health care professional before entering into a fitness regimen.**

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