I want to introduce you to Kaieligh a.k.a. the princess, she’s 7.98

Her birthday is next week and she will be 8.  She’s my oldest child and I still find it hard to believe how she’s grown.

She’s the boss around these parts, and she has to be with two brothers.  No boy is going to get one over on her, yet she’s still a sweet little girl who loves to put make-up on and play with her barbies.  It’s a good mix.  I want to raise a little girl that is kind and caring yet, not raised to be “nice”.  I want her to have an opinion and feel free to speak that opinion.

Kaileigh loves (and I bet you couldn’t guess) Justin Beiber, daddy, and Jesus.  Period.

She’s very artistic and loves to paint and draw.  I’m always walking into her room finding her using a push pin to attach a new drawing to her wall.  For Christmas she got a book that teaches how to draw, and I’m amazed at how quickly she’s taken to it.

She’s our only girl, and she has her daddy wrapped tightly around her little finger.  I suspect that he wouldn’t want it any other way! 😉


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