It’s Inevitable

I’m very scared, no make that terrified.  My almost 8 year old little girl is growing up and I know that in just 5 more years she will be a TEENAGER!!  She’s already in love with Justin Beiber thanks to her friends at school (yes, I blame them).  I gave her my old iPod with a cracked screen and put all her favorite music on it, and she walks around the house with headphones in her ears singing at the top of her lungs.  She can already operate technology and devices with ease, and I now can find her in her room lying on her bed using her iPod.  She has a sign on her door.


Which is mostly for her little brothers, but I’m sure will some day be for me.  I was a teenager so I should know what to expect.  I keep hoping that she’ll be some kind of exception to the adolescent hormonal rule and still love us.  For now I shall just go into denial that this is going to happen and enjoy my sweet little 8 year old who loves Jesus, her daddy, and Justin Beiber.  Amen.


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