Well, I Would’ve…

I love when you are sharing your life and problems with people how things suddenly become so cut and dry.  Women are the worst at this.  You tell them something that happened to you, or the nasty thing that the lady at the grocery store said as your kid screamed and it becomes a big game of, “Well I would’ve….insert your own piece of advice you will never take.”  Really, you would have told her to shove it up her, ahem….give me a break!  I am very guilty of this myself.  I always seem to think I know what I would do in a situation, but when a real situation arises I sometimes tend to not follow my own great advice.

Exhibit A.

Once back in 2002, my then husband asked me to go to his old job and pick up his final check.  His old job was at a construction site where they were building condominiums.  I found his boss, Fred, and walked into the on-site trailer with him to get the check.  Once inside, this is what happened next.  Fred proceeded to ask me if I would want to go with him and do things with him for money, and he then reached out and touched my breast.  This is one of those, “I would have…” moments, and you know what I did?  I stood there in complete and udder shock.  I remember smiling and slowly backing away, all the while trying to not upset this crazy man so I could safely leave.  I did not karate chop him in the appropriate places, nor did I run away screaming and calling the police.  Just pure shock.

Exhibit B

In high school, I “dated” (I use that term loosely here) a guy and after about a month we broke up.  I’m not sure what I did but his sister decided to take it upon herself to follow me around the halls calling me an ugly name.  She didn’t really stalk me, but every time I would see her she would point me out and shout the B word very loud.  At the end of summer break, I got so sick thinking about going back to school that my mom had to take me to the doctor.   Her harassment went on for one and a half years, until she graduated.  I can remember only standing up to her once, but I didn’t really even say much.  This is another one of those “I would’ve…” times.  Most people think “Oh, I would have turned around and let her have it, or kicked her butt.”  But you know what, most people don’t.  I did stop once in the hallway and thought about fighting her, but then I decided she wasn’t worth it and walked on.

I have some more really good stories I could share, but I have to save them for another time, place, and possibly an anonymous blog. 😉  I would’ve, is going to leave my vocabulary because until I actually am in someone else’s situation, I have absolutely no idea what I would and wouldn’t do.  Although it sure is fun to speculate!



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