I started doing something over the last few months that I never thought I would do. You are all probably wondering what in the world is she doing? I bet you think it’s something juicy. Well, it’s not really juicy or exciting. OKAY! Are you ready? I have been buying chocolate chip cookie dough in a package and baking them at home! THERE! I’ve said it.  It may not seem like a big deal. There are MILLIONS of moms that make their cookies from a package, but here is the thing. I have been making homemade chocolate chip cookies ever since I can remember. I know the stinking recipe by heart!  I am not saying that I make the best, but they are pretty darn good.

Noah really loves it when I make cookies and he has started asking me for them all the time. Although I would love to, I do not have time to just drop everything and make him cookies. So, on a whim I bought a package and thought I would try it out and guess what? The kind I bought are actually pretty good AND Noah likes them! Not as much work with the same results. Everyone is happy. Noah and Marc get cookies and I get to go do another load of laundry!


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