Tuesday Time Saver 2-21-12

Tuesday Time Saver: Bed Time/ Bath Time

I have twins. Who are toddlers. And I have a three-year-old. When it is time to take a bath, get out of the bath, and get to bed, our house is like a three ring circus. So, here are some things that save us some time:

My three year old is in charge of getting everything ready for her bath and bed time. She can reach her towels, her pjs, her wash cloths, her underware, her tooth brush and tooth paste, and even floss (yes, I have the only child in the world who BEGS to floss before bed). Sometimes she needs some promptings, but she knows what she needs to do, and saves me a ton of time getting her prepared for the end of the night. Plus, it makes her feel like she is important, which is a major thing to a little girl.

The twins are a little more of a challenge. To make things go faster, I put towels, washcloths, diapers, and pjs together into “bath packs” and keep them in the bathroom. This means that after a messy dinner, we can slide the clothes off their little bodies and not have to run around getting things ready for bath time.

Another thing that saves time is having the kids squeeze out all their bath toys on the walls as a game before they can get out of the tub. It saves me from doing it after bath time, and keeps the mold from building inside the toys. (If you ever squeeze a toy and something comes out besides water, throw it away right then. Seriously, Things live inside those toys. Also, fill them with bleach every so often, just make sure you rinse them out really well. And let them dry somewhere they will get a lot of air. Ok, I’ll stop preaching about cleaning bath toys. But really, bath toys are gross.)

I think I should also mention that, the more elaborate your bedtime routine, the harder you make it on yourself. My twins know that, after their bath, we get dressed, brush teeth, and get to bed. They are done. My three year old doesn’t work as easily. She wants to bathe when her sisters do, but goes to bed about an hour and a half  to two hours later. So, after all the tradional bed time things are done, like pjs and brushing teeth, she gets to hang out FOREVER before getting in bed. I realize this seems counter productive, and I’m trying to work on fixing the situation. Mostly, my hubby turns on a movie for her, to keep her from getting too excited about spending time alone with mommy and daddy, and then when bed time comes we use the bathroom, pray, and do a 2 minute story. More time consuming that I would like, but she responds well if we stick to it, and we get to spend time with her. 🙂


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