Hobbies Are Good: An Update

(I wrote this in 2010 and thought I would give an update on my favorite hobby.)

It gets boring sometimes being a stay-at-home mom.

That’s why for a fun little hobby on the side, I kill house plants.

I most usually succeed too.

Oh, and it doesn’t even have to live in the house for me to murder it.

Take this poor little unsuspecting mum.  She was white and so full of life.

If she had only known her fate when she was brought home from the orchard where I bought her.

Now these plants.  What to do with these plants?

They are obviously very stubborn.  They like really want to live or something.

I mean I’ve not given them water in weeks, and they have the nerve to still be green!

You thought those were something.

Get a load of this one!  This one NEVER gets water, NEVER gets sunlight and look at it!

Growing and thriving and getting taller every day!

It can’t be killed!

I’m still pretty confident though.

If you have a stubborn house plant that just won’t die, I’m your girl!

So I’d now like to take a moment to congratulate myself on a job well done.  Please, hold your applause.

I have reached the pinnacle of plant killing, which is quite an accomplishment considering I killed this.


This is a photo of my cactus back in his more youthful happy days.  To respect the dead we will not show photos of him deceased.  That, and I searched the garage and can’t find him.

Oh, and remember that last plant photo, the one I thought I couldn’t kill.  Ahem, I think by now we all know its fate.

Let us now pause for a moment of silence……

I’m sorry Alex, I really thought your cactus was a great gift idea for someone like me.  I guess the lesson to be learned here is that no matter how thrilling Spring is and how inspired I become to go to the local garden store, I should just do all plants everywhere a favor and stay home.  I am the ‘Dexter’ of plants, only the plants are always innocent.  I guess this spring I’ll go visit ‘Trees & Trends’ instead.

Forget Trees & Trends, I'll take one of these!


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