Jenn’s Favorites: Cleaning Edition

As I was cleaning my bathroom today, fully clothed no less, I started thinking about a few different products that I clean with, that I would hate to live without.

The first is the good old S.O.S. or Brillo pad.  Either brand is great and so are the el cheapo’s down at dollar tree.  I’ve used them all. I mostly use S.O.S. pads to clean the shower and bathtubs, but they are also good for the kitchen sink.  I got really tired of using the chemicals that promised to remove soap scum, but never do.  The S.O.S. pads remove soap scum like a dream.  The soap is already included in the pad too so when I shower and then clean the tub I don’t have to worry about standing in there and breathing bleach and passing out.  I will warn that if you are too aggressive with your scrubbing you may leave some scuffs to the surfaces you clean, but I’d rather have scuffs than soap scum buildup.

The second product is a dishcloth I found at Target.  It’s from the Target brand RE: Room Essentials.  One side is soft like a cloth, and the other has a scrub net over the cloth to help you remove stuck on crud.  I was so happy to find these because I was really over buying scrub sponges to clean the dishes with and it always felt gross to use a sponge on the dishes and then on the table.  Sponges are such a waste of money too since they have to be replaced so often.  I love these cloths on the table and counter tops to remove stuck on grime from the kids food.

What are some of your favorite cleaning items?


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