I want to introduce you to Jaden a.k.a. Mr. Boo-boos, he’s 5.

Jaden loves Mario, the Wii, his Nintendo DSi, and going to the park.

Jaden has ‘red’ hair.  You should know that when you have a child with ‘red’ hair you get a lot of unwanted attention from strangers, usually old people, when you leave the house.  And really intellectual questions such as, where did he get that ‘red’ hair?  I even had a man ask me, and no joke, “is it really red”?  What did he think, we dye it!?  No way, no one around here would ever go out and dye their hair red.

At least not on purpose.

Jaden gets excited easily.  I think this is a red hair thing.  Even as a baby he would go from zero to sixty with his little temper.  He’s getting better, especially now that big sister is in school and not home to torment him!

Jaden got the name Mr. Boo-boos for the obvious reasons you would get a nickname like that.  I can’t tell you how many times the child has smacked into a door frame, only because he was looking behind him.  I dread the teenage driving years.

Jaden is sweet, and he LOVES his mommy.  He makes a point every day to tell me, “Mommy, I’m in love with you.”  He’ll put his hands together in the shape of a heart and hold it up and say, “Look mommy, a heart for you!”  I appreciate this more now than I ever did.

I feel so blessed to have this sweet little boy who loves me so much!


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