Valentine’s Day Present

I love to see the joy on Noah’s face when he is opening presents. He is four so this is the first year that he has really gotten to enjoy and understand what is going on. As we all know, today is Valentine’s Day. I am a naughty mom and I look for reasons to buy him presents so this was as good of an excuse as any.  His birthday is in December so all of his presents come at the same time of year so I think it is kind of fun to spread it out throughout the year.

So I got home before Marc and Noah and I wrapped Noah’s gifts and had them on the kitchen table when he walked in. He immediately saw them and said, “Oh Mommy, who is these presents for? Are these for Noah?” I said (and don’t judge me, he is a picky eater and we are really working on getting him to eat) “Yes, those are for you, but we are not going to open them until you eat ALL of your chicken.” So we had about a minute of the usual “NO I AM NOT GOING TO EAT MY CHICKEN!” And I stuck to my guns and told him, “If you don’t eat your chicken we are not going to open those presents.” (I am praying “Lord, please let him eat this chicken, so I can give him these presents.”  I knew that if he didn’t, I would be forced to do what I said and not give him the presents! And that would not have been very much fun.) It took a while because he takes the smallest bites in the world and I could tell he was choking each bite down, but he did it. EVERY SINGLE BITE! Halleluiah!

I just want you to know that this is a huge accomplishment because this kid will not eat. So we made a great big deal about him eating it all and as he was still chewing the last bit, he walked over and started opening his prize. He loves the movie Cars, so naturally he got some toys from the movie. As he peeked inside the first package he said, “Oh my Word! Mommy, what is it?” He was so excited and I could tell that he thought it was worth eating the chicken. Obviously, I am not going to be able to have presents every night to coax him to eat, but it worked for tonight and you know what? That is okay with me. I am just living one day at a time, trying to make the best of every situation and look for joy in the small things.


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