Tuesday Time Saver 2-14-12

If you are like me, You never really have enough time to do anything. If you need 5 minutes to clean up your kitchen, you will have 2, and they will be shared with cleaning up your children or answering the phone. So, I have done some searches over the last couple of years on things that can really save you time. Unfortunately, there is no cure for housework, but I thought I could share some of the time saving things I do to help move through the day.

Today’s Tuesday Time Saver: Cleaning the Bathroom.

Before I had children, I did not realize just what a germ factory the bathroom really can be. I’m kind of a cleaning psycho, and so my toilet and sink get scrubed pretty often, I would say 3 times a week, at least. My shower, on the other hand, goes longer between cleanings, usually until I notice that soap scum on the water spout. The reason my bathroom gets cleaned regularly comes from a deep seeded loathing of sitting in the bathroom. Obviously, I refuse to leave my little ones alone in the tub. That means 15 to 20 minutes of just sitting on the floor in the bathroom, reminding eveyone to sit down, not splash, and keep their hands to themselves. Believe it or not, I can do all those things while I wipe down my sink and scrub my toilet. Sure, I still play with the kids a little bit, but I can organize my curling irons and wipe the left over shaving cream up, too.

This is what you get when you search for "shower" on goggle images.

When it comes to cleaning my shower, I do something a little crazy. I hate leaning over the side of the tub, scrubbing at the crevesses in the floor, and getting my clothes all wet while my knees get tired and rug burned. So, on the day I decide to clean the shower, I get my spounges, magic erasers, Scrubbing Bubbles, and Tilex lined up on the side of the tub. I take a nice hot shower, and then, before I get out, I clean it. There is no need to worry about getting clothes wet if you aren’t wearing any. I can reach everything without streatching too far from one side to another, and I can clean the floor without smashing my ribs into the side of the tub. If you decide to scrub your shower the way I do, make sure that you do the floor last, and work from the drain side to the back of the tub so that you don’t get chemicals on your feet. Also, you may want to lock the door to the bathroom. Having your hubby walk in while you are cleaning the shower may not save you as much time as you hoped. 🙂


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