Mommies NEED Coffee!

I was with my friend Lyndsay today and we decided that mommies need coffee. I guess we don’t actually HAVE to have it to function, but I know after a crazy or hard day I am much happier if I do. There is just something about holding that beautiful Starbucks cup that calms me down and puts me in a better mood. I know, I know- my mood shouldn’t be defined by a Carmel Latte and it really isn’t, but sometimes you just have to treat yourself.  As moms we are always making sure everyone else is taken care of. Taking care of chores like grocery shopping, laundry, cooking, cleaning, bathing, feeding and changing the kids- it is nice to just take a moment to grab a friend and a coffee and  breathe. I know it is important for me to have some positive mental health time and it is important for you too. Whether its having a cup of coffee, reading a good book, or taking a walk- be sure you do something for yourself. And don’t worry about those 410 calories.You will burn them off chasing after your kids!



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