Censored…In Your Dreams

I just keep thinking about something and I can’t stop, so I must blog.

A few days ago a person, let’s call him Lex Luthor, commented on a recommendation to a link I made on Facebook, and that I posted to my own wall no less.  He stated, “I wouldn’t have posted that if I were you.”  My immediate thoughts were, “well you’re not me, so it looks like you didn’t”.  But instead I thought I would play his little game and asked, “Why?”  Lex then responded with saying that I was giving the subject of the article publicity.  Then after I respond he goes on to state that apparently I did not know that he was related to the criminal and his family.  Yes, I did, and went on to state that he could un-friend me, which he later did.

I don’t understand people like this.  How is it that they feel the need to go around policing other people’s Facebook pages?  Does Facebook have a ‘dislike’ button somewhere that I am unaware of?  I’m pretty sure there is only a ‘like’ button, so if you don’t like my post, guess what?  Just like Lex, you can un-friend me or unsubscribe from everything I post.  I know Lex posted a lot of news articles.  I wonder if he ever stopped to think that the people in the articles were related to someone?  I did take a moment before recommending this link to wonder if I was friends with anyone who may be offended by it, and no one came to mind.  But at the same time I also felt it’s news and not my own personal opinions about the article that I was posting.

I think what bothers me the most about this, is the fact that I grew up in a spiritual environment where everything was always swept under the rug.  A place where people just like Lex come out of the woodwork to make sure that their dirty laundry doesn’t get aired for the world to see.  I can no longer stand for it, and will no longer be quiet when I see things that are blatantly wrong.  I had my reasons for recommending the article in the first place.  I also will not sit silently by while people like Lex bully their way around the internet, trying to shut-up anyone who disagrees with their view on life.

Good night, and good luck.


2 thoughts on “Censored…In Your Dreams

  1. I agree with you completely. I often have dealth with the ‘what will so and so think’ before I post something, and I’m tired of it. I do not post offending subject, and if I want to post something I should be able to without fear of being hassled by someone who, no matter what, is always offended. For me it’s family, petty people getting offfended if I post how much fun my daughter had with one of her ‘other’ grandparents or the number of pictures with one family member are not fair. Pathetic. Good for you for standing up to Lex. It’s no wonder most of us have self-esteem issues, someone is always telling us our choices are bad….PUH-LEASE!

    • Hey Amber! You’re right about the self-esteem thing too. I sometimes feel like none of my choice are right because there is always someone telling me what they think, and that I am wrong. I’m changing and I can tell I’m learning who I am, what really makes me happy, and what I want to choose to stand up for! It’s a great yet scary feeling.

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