A Marriage Carol

A quote from the next book I plan on reading.  This should be good folks!

“If we had simply liked each other so long ago, if we had only been searching for “happiness,” things would be easier.  When you are concerned only about feeling better you can move on, pick up your luggage, step off the train, and keep looking.  But love makes you vulnerable to the cold.  Love beckons you outside in a snowstorm, in a shaking, wobbling globe where there is no control, where you stand naked in bitter wind searching for what has been covered.

You cannot plan for love.  You cannot choose against it once it has come.  True love doesn’t end once another steps away.  You may forsake a person, a family, some location of the heart, but scars and memories cannot be discarded like used clothing.  Love, if it is real, cannot be abandoned because it does not come from yourself, but from an unseen spring.  That source provides nourishment and moisture for the soul.”

A Marriage Carol


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